Leduc Homes Growing in Great Numbers

Homes in Leduc and the Growing Market

Residential Homes of all shapes and sizes are being built faster than ever.

Leduc has had an incredible year of growth!

In April, it was reported that $61 million in residential building permits were issued from the City to developers, and this was almost a two-fold increase over last year.

And what is especially interesting is that the rate of single detached home construction stayed the same over the last year, but multi-unit condos and duplexes are on the rise, hinting that even more new families and young people are making their way into homes in Leduc.

This is welcome news for property owners, residents, developers and the city as a whole. Much of the newly reported construction is for smaller spaces. This is a helpful and sustainable way for Leduc and Leduc residents to grow in size while minimizing the pressures of sprawl—an issue that has dominated communities all over Alberta.

Leduc seems like a small player when it’s compared to Cold Lake, Lloydminster or Okotoks, towns that have seen double-digit growth repeatedly in the last decade. But the results from this year show that Leduc has a lot to offer the real estate investor or homeowner, and the variety of investment and home options are expanding.

Even despite the booms of the past, Leduc has remained steadfast in its growth. Today we see many Alberta communities working through the challenges of population and resource booms, and these pressures can pay a heavy toll on long-term development and investment. Leduc managed to avoid the worst of these circumstances, while still a being a key core for the province and resource industries. Now that we are beginning to see a spike in real estate construction, the community has a firm footing from which to spring, an essential for long-term sustainable economies and communities.

There really is no better time to buy a home in Leduc than now. Our team is always ready to talk about how we might be able to help.