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In Need of Mortgage Advice?

5 Tips for Finding the Right Mortgage Professional for Your Needs Finding the perfect Edmonton home is only the first step in the journey towards home ownership. The next step is a financial one and comes with many questions: Is the home being bought with cash or is a mortgage needed? Will the buyer be […]

Getting to Know the Types of Condos… Yes there’s more than one!

Bare Land vs Conventional Condos The term “bare land condo” may be unfamiliar to you, so first let’s break the two definitions down, as defined by the Condominium Property Act. Conventional Condos are what come to mind when most people think of a condominium. It’s an apartment-style structure where each unit is the private domain […]

How to Craft an Offer That Will Ensure You’re the Winning Buyer

Buying an Edmonton Home? With today’s Edmonton real estate market, it’s not uncommon for a family to find the perfect home only to find out that their offer was not selected. It can be devastating, but especially frustrating if there is no way to discover why the offer wasn’t accepted. What was it that made […]

The Pros and Cons of Home Warranties

How to Assess Whether or Not You Need One Home warranties are used to protect new owners from the costs associated with unforeseen repairs in their new house or condo. Like most costs associated with buying a new home, a warranty is one people don’t discuss until afterwards and is one nobody can agree on […]

Space Saving Upgrades

Giving a Smaller Home a More Roomy Feel Smaller rooms can create a decorating challenge for homeowners. While some may be dealing with a space that is smaller overall – such as an condo or apartment – others may have just a couple of smaller rooms that look and feel cramped. While enlarging these rooms […]

Are Edmonton Homes Becoming More Affordable?

This week, RBC Economics released a report that states that overall, Canada’s real estate has become slightly more affordable. Even with the fast-rising prices in Vancouver and Toronto (and to a degree Calgary), the country is still in relatively good shape. RBC Economics says that rising household incomes, lowered utility costs and low interest rates […]

More First-Time Edmonton Homeowners Are Young Couples

Thinking of Becoming A First-time Homeowner? Are you and your partner Edmonton residents who are thinking about becoming first-time homeowners? Purchasing an Edmonton real estate property before tying the knot is becoming increasingly common among young couples. An article released by The Real Estate Magazine states more and more couples will purchase a home for sale […]

Mortgage Repayment Tips

Supersize Your Mortgage Payments with the Edmonton Home Pros Do you want to become mortgage free? It is easier than you think! Let Stephen Lau and the Edmonton Home Pros team show you how. Together they’ve developed some interesting tips that can help you make smarter choices when it comes to your mortgage; which can […]

Hiring A Contractor

Do you want to renovate your Edmonton home, but lack the patience and knowledge? To save time and stress: Ask a contractor for help. Their experience, access to materials, and technical knowledge set them apart as expert home renovators. Many home improvement contractors operate in Edmonton; however, not all of them are true professionals. So […]

What Type of Edmonton Home Can Suit Your Needs?

The City of Edmonton has a home for every family and a long list of options for current house hunters. But do you know what type of Edmonton home can suit your needs? As you prepare to purchase a For Sale property, the Edmonton Home Pros recommend that you know how to recognize these types […]