Sherwood Park: Warmth, Safety and Lifestyle

Sherwood Park Alberta

Sherwood Park has a wide variety of homes and properties to suit your lifestyle.

It’s amazing the vibrancy and variety of lifestyles available for people who live in Edmonton’s Capital Region. Whether you strive for outdoor living or bask in the delights of a thriving urban environment, limitless options await you in the Prairies.

But there is one community that has a unique set of qualities, and this place, for the residents that make it home, is unlike any in our region.

From urban parklands to raw farmlands, groomed trails to business parks, this place is large enough to be Alberta’s seventh largest city.

But Sherwood park isn’t a city, not even a town. And this is part of what makes it such an interesting place for residents and visitors alike.

Sherwood Park is actually managed like a hamlet of Strathcona County, which allows the tax and startup process to be inexpensive and easy.

This makes Sherwood Park an incredibly advantageous location for startups and new businesses seeking to break into the Capital Region marketplace. The west end has extensive arterial roadways providing easy access to the north of the province, which has encourages its booming energy services and refining sector.

But Sherwood Park puts families first. The community designs prevent the industrial activity from encroaching on the quiet, safe streets throughout the neighbourhoods. This is an interesting detail, since many of the neighbourhood roadways have lower posted speeds.

But what makes a successful community isn’t just the opportunity or design, it’s the overall quality of life.

Sherwood Park homes offer families incredible choice. There are rural farmhouses and acreages not far from the town centre. Detached homes of all shapes sizes and styles follow treelined city streets. Multi-unit buildings and condos can be found closer to the town centre, enabling multiple means of public and private transportation.

Sherwood Park’s urban centre is filled with recreational and shopping delights including new restaurants, the Festival Place performance centre and a modern library.

With the recent Premier’s announcement on schools, Sherwood Park with be adding one school, and modernizing another. Schools here are remarkably modern and stable institutions.

This housing market in Sherwood Park is seeing stunning growth. In August 2014, nearly 80 Sherwood Park homes were sold. REALTORS® and mortgage brokers are confident that the market will remain strong as confidence in the community’s growth continues.

There is no better time to look at Sherwood Park property. And if you have a Sherwood Park home to sell, the market is ready with eager buyers.

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