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Bi-Level Homes

Bi-Level Edmonton homes are fairly common in the city's suburban and urban areas. When entering a bi-level home, one of the first things visitors notice are the number of steps which lead up to the entrance or property deck. Since the majority of Edmonton bi-level properties are constructed a mere 6 feet below the ground, basement rooms accommodate larger windows and are very well lit.

These type of homes also contain less interior runs of stairs than a regular 2-storey Edmonton home. The deck of a bi-level home sits higher off the ground and contains more steps to the ground level.

2-Storey Homes

2-Storey homes are popular in Alberta and the most common property of choice for smaller families, first-time homeowners, as well as new Edmonton developments. Thanks to the mountainous topography near the Edmonton River Valley, some 2-storey homes are constructed on a slope and contain great features such as walk-out basements.

Edmonton 2-storey homes come in a wide range of prices and sizes, from magnificent estate homes to comfortably snug 2-storey townhomes.

4-Level Split

These type of properties are an enlarged version of bi-level homes. While both of these properties share common features on the outside, such as steps leading up to the deck and the rear veranda, on the inside the 4-level split is quite different. These types of properties have more stairs and floors for Edmonton families. They contain a ground floor and a second floor with common areas such as the kitchen and dining room, plus a top floor and basement for intimate spaces.

If you're looking to raise a family in an established community, this type of Edmonton home is right for you. The multiple rooms, spacious design, and shorter runs of stairs in the house is ideal for families.


Bungalows are a popular property type in Edmonton because they contain little to no stairs. They offer homeowners open floor plans and bright rooms; and, many of them contain a garage or basement. Typically, a basement in an Edmonton bungalow is set further below the ground so it allows for less natural lighting. However, there are raised bungalows with large basement windows available. The short runs of stairs make Bungalows a common choice for Edmonton seniors looking to downsize— while their main floor laundry serves as an excellent asset for homeowners with mobility issues.

There are many different types of Edmonton bungalows available to choose from: Luxury bungalows, over 55+ bungalows, Duplex style bungalows that serve as a mortgage helper, and Hillside Bungalows with a walkout basement!

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